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Slouch Much?

The Primate Posture Brace has helped more than 40,000 people in more than 70 countries regain their Power Posture. And it has done much more than that. Because a solid posture brings more than just a properly functioning body, you also look and feel better. These words come from our customers, not us.

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Primate Posture Brace
  • $ 39.99
  • $ 29.00
Premium Gym Rings
  • $ 49.99
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Premium Core Sliders
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Primate Speed Rope
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What Our Customers Say

Most Exciting Part Of What We Do

The whole process was smooth and exceptional... from ordering the product, to being contacted by and employee via email and thanked for my purchase, to the delivery of the product and then finally using the product.... 
Customer service and online shopping experience was smooth, and the product itself was amazing. I can already see the change 

to my posture after only having used it for a week. 

Amanda B.

It is comfortable to wear and helps remind me to sit up straight. I love it so much I ordered one for my husband. It shipped quickly and customer service is on point. Highly recommend!

Erica N.

I got it and it works well! I want to buy one for my mom.

Christie B.

Good quality product that works! I love wearing it, it really helps me be more mindful of my posture. Not disappointed with the purchase and have recommended it to several friends so far.

Lindsey M.

Exceeded expectations. Great quality , feels sturdy and durable. Im 6'0 200lbs and medium fit me perfect. 
Definitely recommend. Oh and shipping was a breeze.

Joel L.

They were very responsive to my inquiry about delay in receiving my bracelets! An immediate response! My beautiful bracelets arrived shortly after. I couldn’t be more pleased with them! I have also ordered the posture brace about 6 months ago. It has really helped with my bad posture

Bettye C.