Primate Posture Brace


Large is now back in stock! Please make sure you look at the size chart before you order :)

Upper Back and Shoulder Brace.

Minimal device for the maximum support.

Do you consider your spine and health important? We do too!

This is why we designed this posture brace, to pull your shoulders back, bringing you back to your natural postural alignment which not only benefits your spine but your overall health and well being.

Designed to correct your posture by retracting your scapula and aligning your body. 

Tested to prevent forward head posture and slouching

  • Unisex 

  • Adjustable Size (Fits Most)

  • Easy to Use

  • Comfortable 

  • Effective

Try it risk free with our 15-day money back guarantee! You've got nothing to lose.

Shipping time: 

U.S: 3 business days 
International: 5-11 business days

(May take up to two business days to ship)


If it doesn't fit, we can send you a difference size* or give you a refund!

 15-day money back guarantee. Restore your Posture or your money back!

* You have to cover shipping for the brace sent to us.

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