What I learned after doing ninja training for the first time

Before walking into the first ninja warrior obstacle course here in Miami, I thought that I was going to be able to complete the whole thing first try. I was very excited to attempt the course and I was feeling super pumped to score an awesome workout out of it.



Little did I know, I completely underestimated what it takes to perform these ninja warrior courses. They are an absolute engaging masterpiece of movements that go back to the roots of our movements.



There was one aspect of the ninja training that took me by a huge surprise.



It was basically the reason I performed so poorly on my first go through the ninja warrior gym.



The huge weakness that crippled me against this ninja course was my grip strength.



I got so humbled by this. I realized that I have overlooked this part of my body for a long time and it has limited me in my progression of calisthenics.



It was a big wake up call for me and I want to share this with all of you so you can all work this if it is a weakness. But I will let you know. You don't know that it is a weakness until you step into one of these ninja warrior gyms (also known as parkour gym) and attempt a good hour session at the whole course.



Right off the bat, if you have never attempted one of these ninja workouts or aren't very advanced in calisthenics, I recommend you train your grip strength (forearms and fingers) to a new level before going so you can get a better run through it.



Regardless, this parkour training is super fun! I had a blast. It is much more engaging and interactive with the whole body and I love it.



You feel like a child again!A ninja child better yet. Or maybe a baby monkey too.



I am telling you people, I recommend attempting to get ninja fit. It is a new level of training and once you get the hang off it (after you acquire massive amounts of grip strength) you will love it!



I will put out a video showing good exercises to increase forearm strength.



But for now just start hanging on to the bar- till failure-for sets. 4 or 5 sets should do a good deal of work to get them accustomed to the endurance necessary for ninja warrior courses