What is Primate Movement?


My name is Julian Sola.
I am the founder of Primate Movement, a community of fitness-oriented people that are looking to be more than just body builders. We are focused on building bodies that can do what most people would call super human performance.

Primate Movement is more than just working out. This is why I chose the word Movement instead of Fitness. Movement is one of the attributes that signals something is alive. It is what separates the living and the dead. And it runs much deeper than a bench press or bicep curl.

Humans are part of the Primate group of animals along with monkeys and other species. I chose this word to remind us that we are still animals and as different as we may move than gorillas, there are still many similarities between us. More than that, there are movements that we can learn from animals, such as the Bear Crawl. Being human, we are blessed with many advantages such as our complex
brain. But if there's one characteristic that we lack as a whole is creativity. We can't progress unless we work that muscle. It is the gate that stops us from plateauing and keeps us growing.

Primate Movement is founded on bringing creativity and innovation into the Health and Fitness field so that we as a whole can progress into being the optimized version of ourselves.

We will be actively engaging with our community posting 2 blog posts a week and adding pictures from Instagram as well as videos from YouTube.
You can find us in any of those channels by simple searching PrimateMovement.
If you are interested in being part of this community and learning more about fitness from a different, more creative scope, don't hesitate to drop your email in this box and we will be glad to also send you an ebook outlining the benefits of High Intensity Training as well as 10 FREE HIIT Calisthenics workouts that you can do literally anywhere. Enjoy my Friend :)