Why Good Posture is Important at all Times (INFOGRAPHIC INSIDE)

One of the big problems that we are facing as a society, specially in the States, is we sit so damn much. This is no secret.

The freedom of the computer has also locked us down to a chair that we become glued to for hours on end. As if sitting down wasn't harmful enough already, we also tend to sit down with our neck leaning forward, our back hunched over and our shoulders rounded.

Then there's the couch. The super comfortable cushion that we love to slouch in. Whats worse about it being so soft, is that it actually hurts your back more. The cushion puts more pressure on your spine to support itself, making it even more deadly. Plus, let's be honest, it is much easier to slack on the couch when you are mesmerized by the TV. It makes your back do a crescent moon shape which absolutely sabotages your spine health.

All of this, hurts your lower back in levels you wouldn't believe. Well you probably would, I mean this is why a shocking 80% of Americans suffer from lower back pain.

And from someone that is a victim of lower back pain, trust me it is torturous. Not because the pain is so excruciating, which it can and has been at times, but because it is so constant. It is always there. To remind you that one of the most delicate parts of your body, the spine, is not functioning in its natural state.

Your spine is the channel of your Central Nervous System. It is the pathway of communication between your mind and body.

It is a part of your body that should be really taken care of. More so in the world we live in, where we are required to perform in so many areas of life. Bad spine health will hurt your performance in almost all areas of life.


Because bad posture affects you in ways you don't even know. We made an info graphic so we can show you the 10 reasons why you need good posture!

We want to raise awareness on improving posture so that everyone can start leading lives with healthy spines. Please help us achieve our mission so we can impact as many lives as we can. Share this image and #primateposture.

If you have any friends or family that have bad posture please show this infographic to them. It will motivate them to be more aware of their spine health.

We hope you enjoy! Share it to raise awareness!

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